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  1. Missouri Training Institute

    Missouri Training Institute

    MTI provides training and consulting to public, private and not-for-profit organizations to improve business performance and organizational effectiveness.

  2. Focus on Kids

    Focus on Kids

    Program to help parents learn how to nurture, support and co-parent their children during and after divorce.

  3. Missouri Beginning Farmers and Ranchers

    Missouri Beginning Farmers and Ranchers

    Experiential learning offerings to grow your farm.

  4. Soil and Plant Testing Laboratory

    Soil and Plant Testing Laboratory

    Analyzes soil, plant, water, manure, compost and greenhouse media.

  5. Master Pollinator Steward

    Master Pollinator Steward

    Learn about the relationship between pollinators such as honeybees and a healthy ecosystem.

  6. Pesticide Applicator Training

    Pesticide Applicator Training

    Helping individuals who wish to become licensed commercial pesticide applicators reduce the harmful effects of improper pesticide use.

  7. Show-Me-Select Replacement Heifer Program

    Show-Me-Select Replacement Heifer Program

    A program focused entirely on Missouri's farmers to improve production through increased use of existing technology and marketing education.

  8. Urban Entomology

    Urban Entomology

    Urban entomology is the study of insects associated with the near environments of humans and their companion animals.

  9. Missouri Master Naturalist

    Missouri Master Naturalist

    A community-based natural resource education and volunteer service program sponsored jointly by the Missouri Department of Conservation and MU Extension.

  10. Eat Smart on the Go

    Eat Smart on the Go

    Showcase fresh, local food at your community event with MU Extension's Eat Smart on the go demo truck.

  11. Food Preservation

    Food Preservation

    MU Extension provides up-to-date, research-based procedural recommendations, tested recipes, and hands-on workshops that assist the consumer in safely preserving produce and other products.

  12. MU Fire and Rescue Training Institute

    MU Fire and Rescue Training Institute

    FRTI provides comprehensive education and skills training for Missouri’s fire and emergency service responders.

Results 1-12 of 98 results