Annie's Project

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Empowering women in agriculture

Education to help farm women find answers and manage risk, while growing confidence and business skills.

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Welcome to the Missouri Annie's Project

The mission of Annie’s Project is to empower farm women to be better business partners through networks and by managing and organizing critical information. 

Annie's Project Classes:

Annie's Project

  • 18 hours of class (usually 3 hr. class, meeting weekly for six weeks)
  • Topics include various ag business related topics including: marketing, business plans, crop and livestock insurance, financial records and statements, communications, and much more.
  • All classes will be slightly modified to fit the participants, so cattle predomiant parts of the state will focus on cattle and grain areas will focus on grains.
  • Fee: $75 for all classes in Missouri

Annie's Project II - Women Marketing Grain & Livestock

  • 12 hour class (usually 3 hr class, meeting weekly for four weeks)
  • In-depth marketing including crops, livestock and using insurance as a tool
  • Fee: $60 for all classes in Missouri

Annie's Project III - Managing for Today & Tomorrow

  • 15 hour class (usually 3 hr class, meeting weekly for five weeks)
  • Includes information on retirement, transitioning the farm, business and estate planning
  • Fee:  $75 for all classes in Missouri

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