Webinar One: Communities

Stock Healthy, Shop Healthy is a community-driven program that addresses both supply and demand at the same time. Central to program success is community support. This webinar discusses the Stock Healthy, Shop Healthy model, how to engage key stakeholders, and how to build a partnership with a retailer.

Webinar Two: Building Community Demand

Now that you have your stakeholders and partner store ready to go, it's time to build demand for healthy foods. Stock Healthy, Shop Healthy has identified five practice-based categories of deamnd building activities that will lead to program success. This webinar walks you through various ways you can engage community members and customers through youth activities, customer engagement, marketing and promotion, nutrition education, and in-store initiatives. By building demand for healthy foods, you will be lessening the burden on the retailer and leading the store towards success.

Webinar Three: Increasing Supply and Store Interventions

The third webinar, ties the first two together. Together, you and your partners have been busy building demand for healthy foods both in the community and in the store. Hopefully, your store is now ready to work with you to increase the supply of healthy foods, as well as ready to make minor modifications in order to make the healthy choices the easy and obvious choices in the store. This webinar discusses the six evidence-based interventions that Stock Healthy, Shop Healthy has identified as best practices — from new product offerings to product displays to improving store appearance. There are several different interventions that your partner store may choose to do as part of Stock Healthy, Shop Healthy. By addressing supply and demand at the same time, your store will be headed towards success and will be sustainable!