Collective Bargaining 3: Effective Negotiations - Page 4

Preparation of a bargaining book

Preparation of a bargaining book

Before the first meetings with the company, many locals prepare a bargaining book to assist in the organization of all materials that are or may be useful in the negotiations process. The following outlines some of the matters that might be included in a bargaining book.

General information

  • Cost of living data for the life of the past agreement
  • Current cost of living index
  • Wage comparability data
  • Financial information about the company and the industry
  • Cost of current fringe benefits
  • Formulas for determining changes in benefit costs
  • Costing data relevant for wage determinations and proposals
  • Breakdown of employees by seniority
  • Copies of pension and insurance plans

Contents relevant to specific proposals concerning language changes

  • Old language from the previous contract
  • Any relevant bargaining history
  • Proposed new language
  • Brief summary of justification for proposed changes
  • Grievance records and other data supporting the proposed changes
  • Room to compile a record of any negotiated changes in the language
  • Room for notes relevant to negotiation of that language