Tree Pests: Pine Shoot Beetle - Page 2

PSB signs and symptoms


Adult beetle Adult beetles are cylindrical, dark brown or black, and generally shiny. They can be up to 1/5 inch (5 mm) in length. Newly emerged adults are easiest to find in summer as they go through their maturation feeding stage. These new adults will feed inside current-year shoots until fall when they seek overwintering sites. They generally feed within 6 inches (15 cm) or less of the shoot tip, completely hollowing out the shoot. This gallery is completely free of sawdust and frass, in contrast to the gallery of moth larvae. (Photo by Gyorgy Csoka, Hungary Forest Research Institute,

The entrance/exit hole The entrance and exit hole used by the adults is round and frequently ringed with sap and sawdust. (Photo by Gyorgy Csoka, Hungary Forest Research Institute,


Pine treeShoots bored by pine shoot beetles turn yellow and might droop or break from the tree. (Photo by E. Richard Hoebeke, Cornell University,