Synthetic Auxin Herbicide Applicator Training Program

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    Synthetic Auxin Herbicide Applicator Training
This self-paced, online course examines best management practices to ensure proper application of synthetic auxin herbicides such as 2,4-D and dicamba. Upon successful completion of this course, you will be able to obtain a training certificate that will be required in order to purchase any of the approved dicamba products: Engenia, XtendiMax, or FeXapan.


This course contains four short, self-paced modules. Each module has a final quiz at the end. You must obtain a score of at least an 80% on the final quiz at the conclusion of the first three modules to obtain your certificate of completion. The fourth module is optional. You may work through the modules at your own pace; they do not all have to be completed at the same time. 

Module 1: Essential Background of Synthetic Auxin Herbicides (Required)

Understand the problems from improper application of this class of herbicides and sort out the differences between Xtend and the dicamba system and 2,4D and the Enlist system.

Module 2: Common Methods of Off Target Movement of Synthetic Auxin Herbicides (Required)

Explore three common methods of off-target movement of synthetic auxin herbicides - physical drift, secondary drift, and tank contamination – and practices to prevent off-target movement.

Module 3: Preventing Off-target Movement with Dicamba (Required)

Review new federal and state requirements for applying products with dicamba and describe best management practices to ensure proper application.

Module 4: Preventing Off-target Movement with 2,4-D (Optional)

Review specific label requirements for products with 2,4-D and describe best management practices to ensure good stewardship of this technology.

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