Sustainable Agriculture Directory of Expertise

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Sustainable Agriculture Directory

As broad and deep as sustainable farming itself, the Directory of Expertise connects readers with groups and individuals who are changing the way America farms.

This third edition of the Sustainable Agriculture Directory of Expertise contains 723 entries that identify and describe nearly 1,000 individuals and more than 200 organizations throughout the United States and two of its territories. Directory entrants provide readers with a colorful narrative of the dynamic American agricultural movement by relating their current work in farm organizations and on farms and research units across the United States. Arranged by state and territory, with six indexes to lead you directly to the most pertinent information.

Sustainable Agriculture Network Sustainable agriculture refers to an agricultural production and distribution system that:

  • Achieves the integration of natural biological cycles and controls,
  • Protects and renews soil fertility and the natural resource base,
  • Optimizes the management and use of on-farm resources,
  • Reduces the use of nonrenewable resources and purchased production inputs,
  • Provides an adequate and dependable farm income,
  • Promotes opportunity in family farming and farm communities, and
  • Minimizes adverse impacts on health, safety, wildlife, water quality and the environment.


  • Alternative approaches
  • Farm profitability
  • Resource enhancement
  • Ongoing vitality of rural communities


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