Common Vegetable Insects

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Wilfred S. Craig
Department of Entomology

This publication features 15 full-color photos of common vegetable pests, with pictures of plant damage to help you determine causes of damage in the field.

The reverse side provides information on each pest, including squash bugs, leaf beetles and cucumber beetles. Information includes physical descriptions of pests, the time of year they are likely to cause damage and the nature of the damage.


  • Bean leaf beetle
  • Cabbage aphid
  • Cabbage looper
  • Cabbage maggot
  • Colorado potato beetle
  • Hornworm
  • Imported cabbage worm
  • Mexican bean beetle
  • Plant louse potato beetle
  • Potato flea beetle
  • Potato leafhopper
  • Pumpkin
  • Spotted cucumber beetle
  • Squash
  • Squash bug
  • Squash vine borer
  • Striped cucumber beetle
  • Thrips
  • Two-spotted spider mite


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