Common Forage Legume Insects

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CoverJames L. Huggans
Department of Entomology

When is the adult alfalfa weevil likely to hatch and cause damage? How large are sweet clover weevils? Questions like these are answered in written discussions of 10 insects that infest Missouri's legumes. Information about their life cycles, amount of damage possible and more is included.

The publication features full-color photos that can aid in quick identification of the pests and their tell-tale signs of damage.


  • Clover leaf weevil
  • Grasshopper
  • Green cloverworm
  • Hopperburn
  • Meadow spittlebug
  • Pea aphid
  • Potato leafhopper
  • Spotted alfalfa aphids
  • Variegated cutworm


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