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Wind energy community issues

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Wind Energy Impacts Project

Wind energy is a new, environmentally-friendly energy source that has seen rapid growth in the United States. Because of this fast growth, the comprehensive impact of wind farm development on rural communities is complex and unmapped. At this time, there is no clear understanding of the issues regarding the impact of wind energy development on the economy, social structure, environment, community, aesthetics and health of the hosting region.

Early in 2018, several landowners and communities in northwest Missouri asked the University of Missouri for some input and help developing resources around these often divisive wind energy development issues. MU Vice Chancellor of Extension and Engagement Marshall Stewart and five other university leaders made an exploratory trip to Tarkio, Missouri.

There, they heard first-hand the issues and concerns the region faces regarding the impact of wind energy on the economy, social structure, environment, community, aesthetics and health.

In response, MU leaders have developed a phased approach involving students, faculty and leaders from eight schools and departments across campus to engage the northwest Missouri communities around these issues.

As a first step this summer, the Crosby MBA Consulting team from the Trulaske College of Business is working to identify and map the issues around wind farm development, specifically for hosting communities in Missouri. Through face-to-face meetings, onsite interviews and an online survey, the team will gather residents’ stories, experiences and views. This information will help with the development of a public resource guide that can help individuals and communities work knowledgably through concerns, risks, legalities and pros and cons of wind farm development in northwest Missouri.

The resource guide information will be available through this site, as will information about subsequent university-community collaborations around this issue.