Professional certificate

Woman holding a fire chief badge

Certificate programs provide a structured delivery of curriculum which has the academic rigor for those individuals who wish to further the professional development without the need or additional expense of college credit. Each MU FRTI certificate program has been evaluated by a panel of field experts in the particular subject matter. The majority of courses will also be reviewed by the American Council on Education and, if appropriate, provide college credit hour recommendations.

Individuals must sign up for the certificate program. To sign up, contact MU FRTI. Students will be given four years to complete their certificate program field. A limited number of hours will be accepted based on prior experience and knowledge.

Fire Officer Certificate Program

MU FRTI is currently working through the approval process for an updated Fire Officer Certificate Program that will meet the academic requirements necessary to provide you with a program that will meet our standards. Please be patient with us as we continue to work towards bringing you a new and improved program.

The Fire Officer Certificate Program provides the knowledge and responsibilities for current or aspiring company officers. To successfully complete the certificate program you must complete 322 hours out of a possible 376 contact hours of instruction. This certificate program exceeds the requirements of Fire Officer I and II according to NFPA 1021, Standard for Fire Officer Professional Qualifications.