Progress toward personal goals

Progress toward personal goals enables young people to gain experience in goal-setting and realistic self-assessment as they plan their projects, set their goals and reflect on their experience. This area of the recognition program connects closely with the essential elements of belonging and independence and mastery.

Project record

Young people self-select projects and goals at the beginning of the project year and then reflect on the experience at the close of the year. The purpose is to help members learn to set goals, reflect on their experience and apply this experience to other parts of their life. Eligible young people are 4-H members 8 to 18 on Dec. 31 of the program year.

Y620, 4-H Project Record (PDF)

Y7405, Shooting Sports Project Record (PDF)

Key Award

The Key Award, the highest award a 4-H member can receive, recognizes 4-H members who have achieved significant leadership at the club or group, community and state levels. The Key Award is a prestigious award rewarding 4-H members for their hard work and accomplishments as well as the contribution they have made to the overall 4-H program.

The objective of the Key Award is to encourage the growth of Missouri young people in the areas of leadership, community service and project excellence.

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    • Ages 14-18 years old on Dec. 31 of the program year
    • 4-H member for at least one year
    • Worked with an adult mentor (preferably an adult that is not the member's parent or guardian)
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    Application process

    • Visit with your 4-H Youth Development Specialist or Youth Education Assistant.
    • Select an adult mentor who will support your work and help document your efforts for your Capstone Effort.
    • Members who reach the minimum points required will receive the Missouri 4-H Key Award and certificate at the local level; they will also be recognized at the state level. The mentor will receive a 4-H Key Award mentor pin.
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    Application format

    • Complete the application form with all the required signatures.
    • Documentation of achievements is important. Document your work to demonstrate that you have reflected on and applied the experience.

    Key Award application (PDF)