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    Specialty contests

    Can a youth use a deer they hunt and process themselves for the AgriMissouri Specialty Contest held on Aug. 22?

    The demonstrator must use a food product grown or made by a Missouri company or producers, so in this case, the youth must have the deer processed at a local processor. For full rules on the AgriMissouri Specialty Contest, see page 109 in the 4-H Building Guidelines, posted at the top left menu.

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    Our county fair book has listed a Sheep Producers Demonstration Award at the State Fair in years past. Is that no longer in existence?

    Yes! The Missouri Sheep Producers will provide special monetary recognition for any demonstrator presenting a general or working demonstration about lambs, wool or sheep. The title of the demonstration must include a specific reference to sheep to qualify. May be enrolled in any project. See page 109, item #9 in the 4-H Building Guidelines.