Show-Me 4-H Wares

August 8-18, 2019

4-H members can apply as exhibitors for Show-Me 4-H Wares at the Missouri State Fair!

Show-Me 4-H Wares is a youth sales booth opportunity for young entrepreneurs to market and sell their 4-H products and services to the public at the state fair. Youth exhibitors participate in a 4-H Salesmanship Contest on-site while they sell.

Any 4-H member age 11-18 (Biz Individual), pair of 4-H members (Biz Buddies), or group of up to three 4-H members (Biz Team) may apply to market and sell original products or services which demonstrate skills they have learned through 4-H. (Youth ages 8-10 may apply to help older youth sell on-site).

4-H members enrolled in the entrepreneurship project, and/or participating in local sales booths, are especially encouraged to apply.

Through Show-Me 4-H Wares, youth grow confidence, earn their own income, and create value for others, while gaining experience and life skills for career readiness.

2019 program summary (PDF)

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How to apply

At the Show-Me 4-H Wares exhibtion, members gain experience at starting and running a small business by showcasing and selling their 4-H projects to the public!

  • Youth sales space built in to MU Extension booth in the Mizzou Central Building
  • High-traffic sales area with other commercial vendors (air-conditioned)
  • Various days and time slots available during the fair
  • Lunch, ice cream coupon, t-shirt, gate admission, and parking included

Youth exhibitors are part of a larger showcase of how the University of Missouri supports the development of youth, families, agriculture, businesses, and communities.

4-H members ages 11-18 can apply as a Biz Individual, Biz Buddies, or a Biz Team. (Youth ages 8-10 can assist an older member).

Applications will include:

  • A description and photo of the product or service
  • A letter of recommendation from an unrelated adult
  • Approval of the 4-H youth specialist or YPA for the county
  • $20 youth exhibitor registration fee, payable to University of Missouri
  • A sample business card, brochure, or promotional materials (optional)

Applications will be reviewed beginning July 1. Registration will remain open until Agusut 1 or until all slots are filled. Each participant or member of a group must register separately for Show-Me 4-H Wares in 4HOnline. One lead youth from a Biz Buddies or Biz Team group should complete the entire application and pay registration fee on behalf of the group.

Youth exhibitors will be selected to sell during priority 2019 Missouri State Fair dates first (Aug. 8-11, 15, and 17). Additional dates and time slots, Aug. 8-18, may be opened if priority dates fill up. Applicants request their preferred selling dates/time slots at the time of application.

Selected youth will be notified by July 15. Show-Me 4-H Wares exhibitors will be expected to participate in a conference call.

Youth application and detailed insructions are on 4hOnline.

See the Missouri State Fair site for more information about the fair!