State Fair Dog Quiz Bowl

The 4-H Dog Bowl is a competition which tests your knowledge of dogs. The competition is conducted in a format similar to Collegiate Bowl or Family Feud, questions will be given to a team or to an individual who must buzz in and give the correct answer. We will count the right answers-no deductions are taken for wrong answers.

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    • Due to limited time and resources all participants will be taking a written test during the beginning part of the dog show. Written test will be approximately 20-25 questions for juniors and 30-35 questions for seniors. Top 8 in each division will be split into two teams of four. Teams will be split based on random drawing. Those two teams will compete in an official dog bowl in the Exhibition Center beginning approximately 3:00 (or at the conclusion of the obedience and showmanship rings, we will work with you if still competing in other rings)
    • The first round will be a series of 10-15 questions. Anyone is allowed to buzz in and answer. If missed the other team will have a chance. There will be 10 seconds given to buzz in to answer once a question is asked. Once buzzed in 4 seconds will be given to answer.
    • The second round is individual questions were only two participates are allowed to compete at a time. Again, the question is asked and the one who buzzes in first is given 4 seconds to answer correctly. Each set of individuals will have two questions.
    • The second round will be 10 toss up questions. A question will be read and the first person on the team who buzzed in will be allowed 4 seconds to answer. If an incorrect answer is given, the other team will be given a chance to answer it correct! Toss up questions answered correctly will allow for 3 bonus questions to be asked. Each bonus question will have bonus points possible.
      • Basic/Toss up questions are worth 5 points
      • Photos of dogs will be shown and worth up to 15 points: Name the breed, AKC group, and Country of Origin
      • Bonus questions are worth 5 to 15 points a piece.
      • Points will NOT be lost for incorrect answers
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    Score and prizes

    The total scores will be kept during the event. First and second place medals will be given to the teams in each age category accordingly.

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    Who can play?

    4-H/FFA Dog members ages 8-21 are encouraged to participate. Additional information can be found at the Missouri State Fair Dog Show page (PDF).

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    Where to find study material

    • The AKC Dog Book for Kids (any edition) questions not used- breeds added after 2000.
    • 4-H Obedience Rule Book. AKC rules for Novice, Open and Rally which can also found on the AKC website.
    • Other state 4-H Dog Bowl sites.
    • Quizlet.
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    How can you help?

    As you study, write some questions and send them to us. Be sure to include what material it came from noting the page number as well.

    Name two skin diseases of dogs that can be transmitted to humans.
    Ringworm and mange.

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    Missouri State Fair Dog Bowl Contacts

    Amy Hoerrmann 660-946-4121/660-734-1897

    Brian Hoerrmann 660-946-4121/660-734-4875

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    Resources for all levels

    State Fair Dog Bowl Guidelines (PDF)