Fashion Revue

October 19, 2019
Middlebush Hall
University of Missouri
900 University Ave
Columbia, MO 65201

What is State 4-H Fashion Revue?

State 4-H Fashion Revue is a competitive event for 4-H youth. Although it is preferred that youth be enrolled in 4-H clothing, textile, knit, or crochet projects, the State Revue is open to any 4-H member that is selected as a winner of a county 4-H Fashion Revue. County rules or policies determine local project enrollment requirements. During county and state 4-H Fashion Revues, youth have the opportunity to demonstrate what they've learned about clothing construction, consumerism, appearance, grooming habits, clothing selections and more.

4-H youth that were selected as winners of county 4-H Fashion Revue events during 2019 are eligible to participate in the State 4-H Fashion Revue on October 19, 2019, at the University of Missouri.

In addition to attending fun, educational workshops, youth will participate in a session where an adult expert judges their made and purchased garment.

Objectives are to provide:

  • An opportunity to demonstrate skills and knowledge of clothing and textile construction and consumerism
  • A reflection of the fashion trends of young people
  • A learning experience in dressing and grooming for the "total" look
  • An educational workshop for learning to project a smile, enthusiasm and poise, and help build self-confidence
  • An opportunity for each 4-H participant to involve his or her special talents
  • An educational program that may be adapted and reproduced at the county/area level
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      State 4-H Fashion Revue is a competitive event. Participants are judged on these general criteria.

      • Ability to exhibit poise and confidence
      • Ability to demonstrate ensemble to reflect his/her personality
      • Ability to exhibit the skills-necessary to plan, select, and acquire clothing for different occasions
      • Ability to show the skill and ability to select suitable and becoming accessories to wear with garment
      • Ability to maintain a good posture and exhibit good grooming habits
      • Ability to demonstrate fashion "know-how" by creating the "total look" in the particular fashion style chosen, including hairstyle, make-up, and accessories
      • Ability to demonstrate skills used to create a knitted or crocheted garment
      • One junior (age 8-10), one intermediate (age 11-13) and one senior (age 14-18) may participate in the Clothes You Make and in the Clothes You Buy categories. One contestant (junior, intermediate, or senior) may participate in the Knit and in the Crochet categories. Each county may send up to eight contestants.

      Finalists in the State 4-H Fashion Revue will receive awards.

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      Special notes

      Senior division State 4-H Fashion Revue winners who place first in any category (clothes you make, clothes you buy, knit, and crochet) are eligible to compete in that category again.

      Garments may be made from any fabric, but please indicate if fabric is 100% cotton or 60% wool on the Clothes You Make Garment Data Form.

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