4-H Monarch Habitat Demonstration Project Mini-Grants

The 4-H Monarch Habitat Demonstration Project Mini-Grants are a cooperative effort of the Missouri Department of Conservation, Grow Native! retailers and Missouri 4-H; funded by the Missouri Conservation Heritage Foundation.

We need your help! Find a space, grab a shovel, and become part of the effort to save the Monarch butterfly! Missouri 4-H is proud to continue offering Monarch Habitat Demonstration Project Mini-grants through the 2019-2020 year.

This project provides $50 mini-grants* to 4-H Clubs or members across the state to plant and maintain monarch habitat gardens (100 sq. ft. min.) on highly visible public properties such as county courthouses, city parks, fairgrounds, school grounds, highway right-of-ways, etc. *You may qualify for more than one grant if your size meets requirements.

The purpose of this the demonstration plots are to publicly promote planting that help restore monarch habitat and to engage city mayors, town councils or county commissions, other public entities and local media.

Interested 4-H clubs and project leaders need to fill out and submit an application for a grant voucher.

Voucher Application (PDF)

Approved applicants will be issued a $50 voucher by the state 4-H office that can be redeemed at participating GrowNative! plant retailers covering up to ½ of the cost of landscape plantings for each 100 square feet of habitat. Some GrowNative! retailers offer additional discounts to 4-H Clubs.

GrowNative! Retailers submit reimbursement invoices to MCHF.

Plantings must meet specifications provided by the Missouri Department of Conservation. Plants are recommended on smaller plots as they are easier and faster to establish than seed. The Department will provide signs for the plots which include the MCHF, Department and 4-H logos. Statewide and local media promotions of the plantings by GrowNative! and Missouri 4-H will promote MCHF and Department involvement.

Other GrowNative! retailers may accept the voucher and/or offer discounts to 4-H groups- but did not respond to initial inquiries, so it may worthwhile to check with the Grow Native! retailers near you. Information on additional retailers, can be found at: www.grownative.org, hit Resource Guide tab at top of page, and then plants, plugs or seed lists.

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    Current Grow Native! retailers accepting the vouchers

    • Claire's Garden (Adair Co)
    • Forrest Keeling Nursery (Lincoln Co)–20% off
    • Gaylena's Garden (Morgan Co)
    • Grow Wild Nursery (Warren Co)- 20% off
    • Hamilton Native Outpost (Texas Co)- They give quantity discounts to the 4-H groups.
    • Hillerman Nursery and Florist (Franklin Co)–%20 off
    • Longfellow's Garden (Cole Co): They offer a 20% discount on plant materials to these group projects.
    • Missouri Wildflowers Nursery (Cole Co): they give a 15% discount off our regular retail prices at the nursery.
    • Papillon Perennials (St. Louis Co)- - discount 25%.
    • Rolling Ridge Nursery (St. Louis Co)-they also offer a 10% discount to any prospective 4-H groups.
    • Smiling Sun Gardens (Taney Co): They offer plants at a 15 percent discount for Greene, Christian and Taney county 4-H clubs/groups.
    • St. Francois Natives (St Louis Co)
    • St. Francois Natives (St Louis Co)
    • Sunrise Gardens (Boone Co)

Vouchers are available for an additional private land plot (but still visible from a roadway) IF applicant meets requirements of a public plot.

Be sure to contact your local media for publicity. We want to promote the restoration of monarch habitat so the monarch can be saved, and to promote the public/community service in which 4-H clubs and 4-H members are engaged.

Things to do:

  • Secure a public location (100 sq. ft. min)
  • Apply for voucher
  • Plant habitat plot meeting MDC requirements
  • Maintain the habitat plot – not just plant and walk away
  • Promote and publicize