State Horse Judging Contest

February 22, 2020

National Equestrian Center, 6880 Lake St Louis Blvd, Lake St Louis, MO 63367

This event is open to all 4-Hers. There is no limit on the number of members a county may pre-enter in the contest; however, youth must pre-enter if they wish to participate. The contest's registration cost is $25 per individual and no fee for parents or leaders. Pre-entered youth will receive an information email with maps, details, etc. Contact your county office for more information and for the registration deadline, as each county varies.

Registration will be done through your 4HOnline profile.

Contest information and guidelines

  • Junior Division 8 -13 - Senior Division 14 - 18
  • IMPORTANT: Horse Judging Contest Team Scores: This is how the team scores will be determined for this contest.
    • Because there is no limit on the number of members a county can register in the junior and senior division and because the scantron system does not accommodate multiple teams from a county those registered will not be divided into teams prior to the contest.
    • The top three individual scores in a county will determine the team score for that county for each division. What this means is if you have more than 3 enrolled in your county (i.e. let say 8 youth competing in junior division) then from those 8 the top 3 would comprise the team score. The final team will include those 3 plus the next highest individual in the county for a 4 man team.
  • A small clipboard and/or notebook and pencils with erasers are essential tools for this contest. You may not use notes or any other resources to help you during the contest.
  • A scan scoring system will be utilized for this year’s contest. A sample score card (PDF) can be viewed here.
  • While the contest is in progress, there shall be no conferring between the contestants, or between contestants and anyone else except as authorized by the contest superintendent or their representatives.
  • Approximately 15 minutes will be allowed contestants to judge the classes, make observations, take notes, and fill out their cards.
  • Reasons - Juniors will deliver one set - Seniors will deliver two sets
  • No parents or coaches allowed in the arena during judging process or team will automatically be disqualified