Horse Awards

MFA Saddle Award

Application postmarked by July 6


  • For currently enrolled Missouri 4-H members, ages 14 to 18 (as of January 1 of current program year)
  • Must have been a Missouri 4-H member for at least one year
  • Must be willing to give at least one year after the awarding of the saddle to enhance the local, multi-county and/or regional 4-H program efforts

Application Format

  • Complete the Y2200 - Missouri 4-H Recognition Form Ages 14-18 Level 3 (PDF) available at the County Extension Centers
  • Complete the MFA 4-H Saddle Essay Questions listed below
  • Acquire all required signatures before submission
  • For the essay questions:
    • Please use a font no smaller than 12 point
    • Use plain white 8 " x 11" paper
    • Allow 1" margins at the top, bottom and both sides
  • Type on one-side of the sheet of paper only
  • Double-space written answers
  • The essay section should be no more than two pages total

Application Information

Submit the following information in a folder or a binder. Do not include any additional information or materials.

  1. Y2200 - Missouri 4-H Recognition Form Ages 14-18 Level 3 (PDF)
  2. MFA Saddle Essay Questions (two pages total)
    • Describe your growth in knowledge and skills in horsemanship and horse science during your involvement in the 4-H Horse Program.
    • How has your involvement in the 4-H Horse Program helped you develop leadership skills? Provide specific examples of applying what you have learned in the 4-H Horse Program to leadership?
    • How has your involvement in the 4-H Horse Program helped you to better your community, help others or enhance your citizenship participation beyond your project or local club?
    • How has the knowledge and skills learned in the 4-H Horse Program helped you prepare for your future education or career?

Applications must be postmarked by July 6 and submitted to: MFA Saddle Award, State 4-H Office, 1110 S College Ave, Columbia, MO 65211.

Tennessee Walking Horse Award

Application submitted by March 1


  • Any 4-H member enrolled in a horse project can participate
  • All participants must be a member of the Tennessee Walking Horse Breeder’s and Exhibitors Association
  • All 4-H members must be using a registered Tennessee Walking Horse as their project animal for that year
  • Any member who wishes to participate must have their 4-H horse enrollment form in before March
  • Record all projects that you have done on all forms

Application Information

  • All applications and record books must be submitted to the local extension office by March 1 (The deadline for the state to submit to the Walking Horse Association is April 1)
  • Winners will receive a pair of Oster A5 Clippers and TWHBEA Apparel and will be recognized at the National Celebration in August