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Sponsored by National 4-H Council and Bayer, the Ag Innovators Experience (AIE) helps develop critical workforce skills in young people and show that agriculture can be relevant and fun. The program reaches 10,000 youth in select states with an annual interactive activity that challenges youth to apply critical thinking and STEM skills to address a real-world agriculture challenge. This year's Ag Innovators Experience is the Natural Bee Challenge which teaches 4-H youth about the importance of honey bees in nature.

Applications for 20 4-H teens age 14-18 are open to be on the AIE Teen Teacher Training Team. Three Teen Teachers will attend the 4-H Ag Innovators Experience Training on February 8-10 in Ames, Iowa. An additional 17 teens will be chosen to lead educational activities at camps, fairs, afterschool groups, and showcases from April 1-July 26. To apply, please fill out the online application.

2019 4-H Agriculture Innovators Experience

Missouri 4-H is seeking twenty teens (4-H age 14-18) to serve as leaders for the 2019 4-H Agriculture Innovators Experience: “Native Bee Challenge”. Through this activity youth will not only participate in a science based program providing an awareness and interest in agricultural careers and agriculture innovation, but they will have the opportunity to teach others along the way. The “Native Bee Challenge” is an educational activity focusing on the importance of pollination to agriculture and its connection to a sustainable food supply, specifically as related to native bees. The “Native Bee Challenge” will introduce youth to native bees as important pollinators, exploring their relationship to agriculture and the food we eat. Using modeling, youth will understand the process of pollination, the role of pollinators in our food supply, and the importance of creating habitat for native bees. Teams will be challenged to make recommendations that would increase food production, profitability and biodiversity which benefits everyone in the community

Participants must:

  • Have a positive attitude and be excited about teaching others
  • Be of 4-H age 14-18
  • If chosen, be able to participate in a national training program February 8-10, in Ames Iowa.*
  • Be able to attend a 1-day state training on Saturday, March 9, 2019 in Columbia, Missouri at the 4-H Center for Youth Development.

*Only 3 individuals will be chosen to attend this experience

The teens will receive:

  • A toolkit to conduct the Challenge Activity including materials
  • A name tag and polo identifying them as a trainer
  • A stipend of $275 upon completion of teaching experience
  • The opportunity to share the story of their experience with industry sponsors
  • Priceless experience in building career skills and learning

Grant deliverables:

  • Teens and supervising adult will submit an action plan by April 13
  • Teens will reach 75 youth with the challenge activity (April 1-July 15)
  • Teens will submit a short impact article by July 20
  • Teens will respond to communication about program
  • Submit photos of challenge activity
  • Submit final report of grant activities by July 26

If you wish to participate, please complete the accompanying application and return it via email to either of the following contacts by February 15, 2019. For questions or additional information, please contact Ty Peckman.

For more information, visit the 4-H Ag Innovators webpage on the National 4-H site.

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