MU Extension 4-H Branding Toolkit

This branding toolkit incorporates the branding guidelines of the University of Missouri Extension (PDF) and the United States Department of Food and Agriculture (PDF) to aid you in maintain a consist brand image for Missouri 4-H.

The 4-H and MU Extension logo should be included in all marketing and publishing materials. The relationship between 4-H and MU Extension should also be mentioned when verbally presenting our program. Please highlight our relationship visually through appropriate logos and verbally or in written references in all marketing materials. This includes, but is not limited to YouTube videos, television, radio, press releases, posters, etc.

Branding checklist

Please use the checklist to make sure you are in compliance with the USDA and MU Extension branding requirements.

  1. Both the 4-H logo and the MU Extension logo are included. Each have guidelines and following these guidelines is important. You can view the entire guidelines by using the links above, here are the main items to keep in mind:
    • 4-H
      ✔ The logo is upright, proportionate, and the correct color; no words or images are obstructing the clover and the "18 U.S.C. 707" symbol has not been removed.
      ✔ 4-H name abides by the guidelines set by the USDA: I have checked to make sure that the hyphen is included in all "4-H"s and "4-H" has not been split over two lines.
    • MU Extension
      ✔ The logo has not been altered, is not tilted or rotated, and is not stretched or distorted.
      ✔ The correct colors are used.
  2. Non-discrimination statements(aka indicia) are included on my document if appropriate.
  3. The wheelchair accessibility icon and/or a disability accommodation statement with county contact information is included.
    • For meeting/event locations accessible to individuals with wheelchairs, use the wheelchair accessibility icon to the left of the non-discrimination statement on your flyer, meeting notices, etc.
      • Statement: Contact us immediately if you need accommodations because of a disability, need to relay emergency medical information or need special arrangements if the building is evacuated. Contact: ADD YOUR CONTACT INFO HERE
      • When appropriate, other available accommodations should be specified. This may include language interpretation, sign language, and other accommodations for individuals with special needs.
  4. The proper NIFA logo is used on all documents and presentations. All USDA agency logos are represented by the USDA logo with the agency’s name spelled out next to it. There are 3 versions of NIFAs logo – horizontal, vertical and centered that are available for download on NIFA’s website.

4-H Name and emblem

The 4-H Name and Emblem are a Federal Mark, protected by 18 USC 707. Please read the full USDA guidelines (PDF) outlining proper usage.


 On monitorsPrint
4-H emblem (never screened, shaded, graduated, or appears in multiple colors)RGB: 51, 153, 102100% PMS 347 green
 CMYK: 100C/0M/90Y/0K
MU goldRGB: 241, 184, 45PMS: 124
HEX: #F1B82DCMYK: 0C/31M/98Y/0K
BlackRGB: 0, 0, 0CMYK: 60C/50M/40Y/100K
HEX: #000000 
Metallic gold Pantone© 10123C (a premium metallic) is preferred, but 871C is acceptable when 10123C is unavailable.

The only exception to the above descriptions of the color of the H's is when only one-color printing is being used. With one-color printing the H's can be reversed out to the color of the paper (or medium) on which the emblem is printed.


4-H and MU Extension
Green color with white outline The "H's" on the green Clover can be white, black, or metallic gold.
Green 4-H Clover logoThe "H's" on the green Clover can be white, black, or metallic gold.
Black 4-H Clover logoThe "H's" on the black Clover should be white.
White 4-H Clover logoThe "H's" on the white clover can be black or green.
Metallic 4-H Clover logoThe "H's" on the metallic clover can be white, black, or metallic gold (when embossed).
MU Extension and 4-H clover logoPNG (transparent)
University of Missouri Extension horizontal logo
University of Missouri Extension vertical logo
Non-discrimination statements
University of Missouri Extension logo with EOADA
University of Missouri Extension logo with full indiciaFull indicia
University of Missouri Extension logo with short indiciaShort indicia EPS
Accessibility icon
Wheelchair accessibility logo blue
4-H Grows Here logo
This is the long term branding campaign for 4-H nationwide. Please use this logo on materials to support the campaign.

4-H Grows Here Branding Guidelines (PDF)

Green White Black