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Find the information, resources and partners you need to learn more about your food supply and about growing your regional food and farm economy.

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Circular illustration showing processes of food systemsFood systems encompass all the people, processes and infrastructure involved in getting food from the farm to your table. Increasingly, Missourians are seeking information about how their food is produced, harvested, processed, distributed, marketed and accessed so that they can support their local communities. On this website, you — as a farmer or food business owner, consumer or community leader — will find information and resources to help you:

  • Create food systems that provide for profitable, thriving farms and businesses;
  • Steward our natural resources;
  • Ensure a safe and affordable food supply; and
  • Strengthen community relationships in rural and urban Missouri.
  • Introduction to Local Food Systems guide

    This MU Extension guide explores the concept of local food systems and gives an overview of the benefits of creating new opportunities within our community food systems.

  • Sectors of food systems

    The Sectors page provides MU Extension programs and publications and other resources that will help you learn more about and develop different parts of the food system.

  • Partnerships and collaborations

    Learn more about how this is a necessary part of local food systems, including how the MU Extension Food Systems team takes a collaborative, multi-disciplinary approach.


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