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University of Missouri Extension's Exceed program focuses on regional economic and entrepreneurial development within Missouri. We aim to enhance economic opportunities by partnering with stakeholders who seek to bring developmental change to our state. We routinely work with businesses, communities, regions, governments and nonprofits through a variety of projects. Check out recent projects on this page and click the contact link at the bottom to obtain more information about engaging with the Exceed team.

  • Economic impact of Missouri's distilling industry

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    • "Taking Farm and Forest to the Glass" was funded by the Missouri Department of Agriculture – Missouri Agricultural and Small Business Development Authority. Phase 1 measured the economic contribution of the state's distillery industry and created 2019 baseline data using secondary sources and a distiller survey. Phase 2 of the project will examine opportunities to increase the total value distillers bring to the state's economy.
    • View the Phase 1 economic contribution brief (PDF)
  • Entrepreneurial ecosystems in northwest Missouri

    • Maximize Northwest Missouri's business card
    • Exceed conducted a synthesis review and objective analysis of prior northwest Missouri entrepreneurship studies and recommendations for The Community Foundation of Northwest Missouri and Maximize NWMO. The analysis includes recommendations for improving the region's entrepreneurial ecosystem.
    • View the synthesis review and analysis (PDF)

Work with us

Exceed routinely partners with businesses, communities, regions, governments and nonprofits to enhance economic and entrepreneurial opportunities in Missouri. We offer consulting for clients on projects related to:

  • Economic development
  • Regional economic strategies
  • Economic impact analysis
  • Industry and value chain analysis
  • Project evaluation
  • Survey work
  • Synthesizing secondary data and existing research
  • Related business and industry services

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