Entrepreneurial ecosystems

Building entrepreneurial ecosystems in Missouri

In an entrepreneurial ecosystem, community organizations, institutions (e.g., governments), and infrastructure support local entrepreneurship. The ecosystem shapes a community's level of ambition, innovation, and risk-taking acceptance, and it encourages the entrepreneurs themselves. Building an entrepreneurial ecosystem requires a community to think about the environment in which businesses operate, not about a specific business.

Ecoysytem building blocks graphic: specialized infrastructure, talent, market access, community culture, regulatory and government support, business assistance, and capital.
Graphic Credit: Center for Regional Economic Competitiveness & EntreWorks Consulting, used with permission.
  • Homegrown: Entrepreneurship in Your Community

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    • Partner with MU Extension to host a Homegrown: Entrepreneurship in Your Community workshop, and you can participate in building and strengthening your community's entrepreneurial network. The workshop — scheduled as a daylong program or two shorter sessions — aids community leaders in creating a network that sends supportive signals to its entrepreneurs. By strengthening your area's entrepreneurial network, you can encourage local economic growth and development.
    • In partnership with University of Wisconsin Extension with funding from NCRCRD.
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  • Creating Entrepreneurial Communities

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    • Attend the Creating Entrepreneurial Communities conference to learn how to create, connect, and promote community economic revitalization through entrepreneurship. The conference teaches community leaders and key stakeholders about how entrepreneurs and innovators can drive economic growth in Missouri communities. It also highlights how to foster a culture of entrepreneurship. CEC plans to debut in Hannibal, Missouri in 2021.
    • Join the virtual multi-state CEC Showcase, November 9-13, 2020
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Projects and publications

Entrepreneurial ecosystems in northwest Missouri

Exceed objectively reviewed and analyzed prior entrepreneurship studies and recommendations specific to northwest Missouri for The Community Foundation of Northwest Missouri and Maximize NWMO. The analysis includes recommendations for improving the region's entrepreneurial ecosystem.

View the synthesis review and analysis (PDF)


The Future of Work in Missouri: Rural-Urban Entrepreneurship (PDF)