Blake Naughton

Office of Extension and Engagement

108 Whitten Hall
Columbia, MO 65211-2220


Blake Naughton has served as associate vice chancellor for extension and engagement at the University of Missouri since February 2017. Dr. Naughton is recognized for his expertise in education and administrative leadership, partnership development and performance management in higher education. Throughout his professional career, he has focused on demonstrating that higher education can transform lives by showing in measurable, relevant and actionable ways how universities can best serve citizens and communities.

At MU Extension, Dr. Naughton oversees statewide daily operations as chief program officer, leading the development, implementation and evaluation of research-based educational opportunities and their alignment with Missouri’s needs and priorities. 

Previously, Dr. Naughton was executive director for the Hook Center for Educational Renewal and on the faculty of MU’s College of Education and Truman School for Public Affairs. During this time, he founded the Missouri Network for Education Improvement and provided strategic direction for projects serving school districts across the state, including the MU Partnership for Educational Renewal and the Regional Professional Development Center.

His charge in that role — to reinvent the MU College of Education’s strategy for engagement and continuing education — prepared him to help lead extension’s Building Our Future Together initiative, aimed at creating a model 21st century extension and engagement organization that best serves the mission of a land-grant university. This structured, inclusive process will shape the development of vibrant, relevant programs and services to meet the diverse and changing needs of the people and communities across Missouri.

Dr. Naughton came to MU in 2012 from the University of Pennsylvania, where he directed executive education for higher education leaders across the nation and overseas. Over a nearly 20-year career in higher education, he has taught at non-degree, associate, bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral levels. He has also served as a policy researcher focused on education quality enhancement and workforce development at the Missouri Department of Higher Education, Northwest Missouri State University and the Congressional Research Service in Washington, D.C. His work in university administration has produced demonstrated successes in program management re-engineering, enrollment growth, student support and revenue generation through increased grants, contracts and gifts.

Dr. Naughton holds a Doctor of Philosophy degree from Stanford University in education administration and policy analysis; a Master of Education degree from Harvard University in education administration, planning and social policy; and a Bachelor of Science degree in engineering from Stanford in science, technology and society. A native Missourian, Dr. Naughton attended Hannibal Public Schools and was raised by a family that has been living in Macon County and farming in Knox County for more than 150 years. He returned to his home state specifically to work with Mizzou and help it fulfill its mission as a land-grant university.