Farmers asked to respond to land rent survey

  • Published: Friday, June 1, 2018

COLUMBIA, Mo. – Missouri farmers are asked to respond to a land rent survey, says University of Missouri Extension economist Ray Massey. A report compiled from the anonymous survey responses will help landowners and renters make better decisions about lease rates.

The survey is issued only in electronic form this year. It takes about five minutes to complete. Massey says he hopes that the new delivery method will encourage landowners and renters to respond.

The survey covers criteria such as cash rent cost for cropland, pasture land and fee hunting property, as well as location of land, average yield and storage facilities.

MU and partner agencies, including Missouri Farm Bureau, FCS Financial and others, work together to obtain information that helps economists on the local, state and federal level to assess supply and demand for land, as well as production costs and market prices. Survey results also help landowners and renters understand market values in their area.

MU conducts the survey every three years and releases a summary online and at its annual ag lending schools.

Results of the 2015 survey are available at

If you did not receive a survey and would like to participate, go to or contact Massey at or 573-884-7788.

Writer: Linda Geist

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