Kitchen Planning: New and Remodeled

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North Central Regional Publication

This publication provides information to help you make decisions as you build or remodel your kitchen. For example, it starts with questions to ask yourself about what kind of kitchen you want. Questions range from considering all members of your household who will use the kitchen to what kind of activities will take place there, from storage needs to budget. Sample cost sheets and plans are included. This detailed publication discusses the various shapes of kitchens, including corridor shaped, U shaped, L shaped and island shaped or broken-U shaped. Also in the booklet are a kitchen-design checklist and discussions of everything from cabinets and flooring to wall coverings and ceilings, from plumbing and wiring to windows and window treatments. Three charts included at the end of the publication detail utility and space needs of kitchen equipment, information about countertops and information about flooring. A list of resources is also included.


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