Shelves, Houses and Feeders for Birds and Mammals

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Link to orderThis publication tells and shows you how to build homes and feeders to attract many kinds of birds, including robins, wrens, bluebirds, tree swallows, purple martins, sparrow hawks, screech owls, chickadees, wood ducks and even squirrels. Structure and feeder plans included in the publication were designed for attractiveness, space requirements and efficient use of modern materials. Plans for feeders vary from window-sill feeders made of wood to simple feeders anyone can make from milk jugs or cartons. The publication includes about 28 plans for bird houses and feeders.


  • Barn owl
  • Bat house
  • Fox squirrel
  • Gray squirrel
  • Nest
  • Nuthatch
  • Phoebes
  • Shelter
  • Titmouse


  • 48