Eat Smart in Parks Toolkit

Eat Smart, Play Hard Concession Stand Toolkit cover

Editor's note
To order a printed copy of the Eat Smart in Parks toolkit contact Cindy DeBlauw, ESIP Project Coordinator

Eat Smart in Parks (ESIP) is a statewide effort aimed at promoting healthier eating options in Missouri’s state and local parks. This effort includes the development of a model ESIP policy that guides parks in serving healthier options, training for state and local parks to assist them with using the guidelines, and materials to promote healthier items. Municipal parks across the state have worked with ESIP to offer fresh, flavorful foods to patrons that are good for them, too.

For more information, visit Eat Smart in Parks


ESIP participants can receive free assistance with a variety of activities including:

  • Customer research and tailored reports
  • Menu analysis
  • Taste tests
  • Healthy product identification and sourcing
  • Contract assistance
  • Marketing materials
  • Healthy food incentive ideas


  • 40 pages

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