Housing as We Grow Older: Folder

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Northeast Regional Publication

This five-part publication series deals with questions older people might have when anticipating a change of home or living patterns. The first publication, Independent Housing Choices, explores the advantages and disadvantages of remaining at home, renting, mobile homes, condominiums or moving in with others. The second, Dependent Housing Choices, discusses housing options that provide services such as food preparation, housekeeping and health services.

Moving to Smaller, More Efficient Housing gives hints for saving time and money when preparing to move. Community Support Services summarizes support services available in some communities that provide transportation, visiting nurses, senior citizens' clubs, foster grandparents programs, and other services.

Design Considerations for a Supportive Environment includes specific recommendations for housing design that meets needs in later years.


  • Elderly care
  • Health care
  • Housing options
  • Retirement villages
  • Retirement homes


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