Biotechnology: Generating Knowledge for a Better Tomorrow

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Scientific research has expanded from narrowly defined and segregated areas into the broader arena of interdisciplinary study. This stimulates unique problem-solving approaches. MU's multidisciplinary programs greatly enhance the environment for research and teaching and are leading the way to MU's future as a research university that serves the needs of the state in higher education. This manual discusses the molecular biology program's four research areas, the Food for the 21st Century program, biotechnology faculty profiles, faculty research interests, departmental faculty listing, and services and facilities.


  • Folk knowledge
  • Beliefs
  • Habits
  • Social groups
  • Research development and delivery methods
  • Extension philosophies
  • Mass media
  • Communication
  • Linking system
  • Government policy
  • Change agent
  • Agricultural Experiment Stations
  • Community surveys
  • Facilitator
  • Livestock specialists
  • Planning committees


  • 44