Tree Diseases III

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This guide is a continuation of MU publications MX342, Tree Diseases I, and MX343, Tree Diseases II, and covers 23 additional common tree diseases. It discusses the characteristics of each disease and the type of damage they cause. The front of the guide features 23 full-color photos of damaged leaves, branches, and tree trunks to show what symptoms to look for in each disease and help with identification.


  • 2,4-D injury to redbud
  • Bacterial canker of sweet gum
  • Cold injury to oak leaves
  • Cytospora canker of poplar
  • Fluoride injury to poplar
  • Frost crack on London plane
  • Frost damage to spruce
  • Ganoderma rot of honey locust
  • Hypoxylon canker of aspen
  • Iron chlorosis
  • Island chlorosis of hackberry
  • Lightning damage
  • Nectria canker
  • Ozone injury to white pine
  • Pine wilt
  • Polyporus sulphureus
  • Root strangulation
  • Smooth patch of white oak
  • Winter injury to juniper


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