Tree Diseases II

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This guide is a continuation of MU publication MX342, Tree Diseases I, and covers an additional 17 common tree diseases, their characteristics, and the type of damage they cause. The front of the guide features 17 full-color photos of damaged leaves and branches, which can help in disease identification.


  • Black canker
  • Bleeding necrosis of sweet gum
  • Cedar-apple rust
  • Dutch elm disease
  • Eastern gall rust of pine
  • Fire blight of hawthorn
  • Hawthorn rust
  • Juniper rust
  • Mimosa wilt
  • Oak wilt
  • Phloem necrosis of elm
  • Phomopsis canker of Russian olive
  • Phomopsis canker
  • Quince rust
  • Sunscald and black rot of mountain-ash
  • Verticillium wilt of maple
  • Wetwood of elm
  • White pine blister rust
  • Willow black canker


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