Meramec Region Neighborhood Leadership Academy

  • Date: Aug. 24, 2020 - Nov. 3, 2020
  • Format: online

Early Bird Discount! $260.00 if you register before August 7th, 2020. After August 7th, $295.00

This course is specific to the Meramec Region Neighborhood Area and will be offered on Mondays from Mondays from 6pm to 9pm, starting August 24, 2020 and ending on November 2, 2020. Please check to make sure you are enrolling in the correct city for this course.

Neighborhood leaders from throughout the state of Missouri will learn together through a virtual project based curriculum, developing the skills and building the networks necessary to create healthy, vibrant and whole communities.

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  • Opening Session: Neighborhood Leadership

    This session will provide a program overview, set expectations and begin to examine neighborhood leadership.  Participants will receive the Community Toolkit. Instructions will be provided for participants to complete the StrengthsFinder Assessment Tool.  The Community Project Assignment will also be given to the class. 


    Community Building Principles

    We’ll spend time getting to know our communities and each other. This session will also explore community building principles that can guide our efforts toward success.   Each participant will have the opportunity to examine their own work in relation to these principles.  The class will watch the Holding Ground video on the Dudley Street Initiative in Boston. 


    Leadership Practices

    The StrengthsFinder Assessment Tool will be the focus of this session.  Don’t forget to bring along your completed personalized Strengths-Based Leadership Guide with Action Strategies to this session.  Participants will develop a personal leadership plan.  Time will also be spent discussing each participant’s community project.


    Understanding Local Government & Project Planning

    Making a difference in your neighborhood often requires working with key elected officials and maneuvering in the policy arena – but understanding how government works is not easy!  We’ll discuss how the region is organized and key strategies to make things happen.   Participants will also explore project planning tools and strategies to move ideas to effective action. 


    Community Toolkit #1

    Collaboration requires strong participation from community stakeholders, but how do you get them involved?  And what does a strong collaboration look like?  Participants will discuss the art of collaboration and learn tips for engaging people in their community project from a panel of successful leaders.  Participants will also have a check-in on their community projects. 


    Building Inclusive Communities

    Engaging a broad cross-section of people in communities strengthens the social capital and the organizing power of a neighborhood.  There is strength in numbers, richness in variety of perspectives, and value in diversity.  Participants will also have the opportunity to get feedback as they prepare for presenting their community project.


    Resource Development

    You may have a lot of ideas and support – but sometimes you also need money!  Facilitated by a grant writing expert, this session will explore sources of funds and methods of fundraising best suited to community- driven efforts.  Participants will also check-in on their community projects, and review the two assignments – oral presentation and final report - due at graduation.


    Community Toolkit #2

    There are more tools to share!  What are the tricks to organizing an agenda and running a meeting so that work actually gets done?  What are effective ways to help people agree on goals, organize tasks, make careful decisions and support each other throughout the process – even when things go awry?  Every organization – no matter how small – needs some kind of structure to get the job done.  This session will cover tips for organizing and running effective meetings, leading group decision making, and how to develop an organizational structure and a set of policies that work for your community. 


    Getting the Word Out

    What are the best ways to share information on the great things going on in your neighborhood?   During this session, participants will learn practical tips on how to effectively share your neighborhood story.


    Closing Session: Graduation

    The Academy will conclude with individual presentations of community projects, a dinner celebration and graduation ceremony.  Congratulations!  

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