University of Missouri Extension County Council Manual - Page 16

Section 15: Extension Council's Role in Marketing University of Missouri Extension

Additional information: MU Extension Faculty and staff resources: Communications and Marketing page

Marketing is both an attitude and a process. The attitude is one of looking at ourselves and our organization as others see us. As a county council member, you should be well informed of your marketing duties and responsibilities.

The marketing process consists of three parts: marketing University of Missouri Extension as an umbrella organization, marketing specialists' individual programs and programs of the county extension council, and relationship marketing -- building positive ties with the professional staff, legislators, county commissioners and other decision makers.

Members of the council form a team. As a team member, you can help create awareness and support of MU Extension staff, extension programs and MU Extension as a whole.

Major responsibilities of county extension council members in the marketing area:

  1. Know the history and philosophy of MU Extension; read the MU Extension Policy and Procedure Handbook and participate in orientation sessions.
  2. Keep current by reading relevant publications and materials made available to council members by county and state extension staff.
  3. In coordination with the county program director, develop and maintain relationships with county extension staff. Keep informed of programs and activities that may be of interest and value to citizens residing in your elected or appointed district.
  4. Inform citizens, service clubs, neighborhood organizations, special interest groups, media and legislators in your district of your involvement with the county extension council. Keep these groups and individuals informed of extension programs on an on-going basis.
  5. Extension councils should form a marketing committee to review present extension marketing efforts and to explore ways the council can support program efforts of the county program director and extension staff.
    1. Survey council members to get ideas on what the marketing committee and council can do to make people more aware of extension programs.
    2. Each year, plan and conduct two to three marketing efforts in cooperation with extension staff.