Dairy Grazing Manual

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The following abstract describes a publication that is being revised by chapter. As a chapter is updated, it will become a publication in its own right and its title will become a link to its content. The original Dairy Grazing Manual is available for purchase at a reduced rate and can still be a valuable resource, especially the 30 pages containing color photographs of forage species. A link to ordering information for the original manual is on this page.

The Dairy Grazing Publication Series covers operating and managing a pasture-based dairy. These publications offer dairy producers a better understanding of management-intensive grazing and insight into various factors that affect the profitability of a pasture-based operation. Although the text often refers to conditions in Missouri, many of the principles and concepts described may apply to operations throughout the United States.

Throughout the series, readers will find in-depth discussion of the day-to-day practical concerns of pasture-based dairying.