How to Get an "A" in Retirement - Apr 2019

  • Date: April 1, 2019 - July 1, 2019
  • Format: online
"Eye-opening" the most frequent comment we get from nearly 1,000 participants that have enrolled in How to get an "A" in retirement. Participants describe it as "wildly beneficial" and "surprising engaging." It is written specifically for people that aren’t sure they are financially and psychologically for retirement and don’t want to read a college textbook, but rather feel like they are visiting with a trusted mentor over coffee. It is delivered all online with no specific dates and times to meet so it can fit in your busy schedule. The course is ground-breaking in the way it combines both personal financial planning and positive psychology research and best practices. There are 8 modules, released one per week, with a month of catch-up time (if needed) after the last module. This course is for people that don’t want an average retirement, but instead, want one that is a match for their goals and dreams.


How to Get an "A" in Retirement


The prospect of retiring, whether it is 30 years away or just months away, is exciting to consider.  Hope for the best is not a retirement plan, yet we know that it will never be convenient to plan.  That is why so many people in the labor force are not preparing – either financially or psychologically to get an “A” in retirement. 

This online course is for people that do not want an average retirement and know they need to actively get started on a retirement plan or fine-tune one they have started.  This course was written for you! 

Get ready to incorporate action solutions

If you are ready to replace wondering and worrying with action solutions, it is time to get started on How to get an “A” in retirement.  This course doesn't stop with learning - it takes quality, unbiased information a step further by helping you put your plans in place.

This award-winning course is ground-breaking in the way it combines both research and best practices from financial planning and positive psychology.  It has helped participants take a quantum leap in moving worrying about being ready for retirement to incorporating positive action solutions that work.

University Extension's role is purely providing unbiased, research-based education that has a track record of success.  You are safe to learn - there are no sales pitches here.  You are not asked to reveal your personal financial information to the instructor, but you are asked to determine your financial information so that you can make better-informed decisions.

Specifically, what is covered in this course?

If it looks as if we'll be covering a lot of interesting, important topics, you're right!  There are many facets to retirement planning - some you will have anticipated, others you may not have guessed would be included.  That's what makes retirement planning so interesting.


Financial well-being

Well-being is more than money

Week 1

Moving from Plan P to Plan I. 

The new normal for retirement

Positive psychology’s contribution

Week 2

Your financial stats

Positive emotions

Week 3

Social Security


Week 4

Your pension plan. Taxing matters


Week 5

Saving and investing


Week 6

Estate planning


Week 7



Week 8

The big finish

  • Sudden wealth
  • Suddenly single
  • Moving?
  • Once a couch potato always a couch potato?
  • Cognitive decline
  • And more!




You need to know I am a busy person!

Yes, and that's one reason we designed this course to be a "one-stop shop" for retirement planning education.  Don't let the number and variety of topics overwhelm you.  Take it one step at a time. The eight modules will be released on Tuesdays.  Since the course is online, you will have access 24 hours a day, seven days a week during the course.  There are no specific times or dates you have to be online for class - you determine your learning schedule.

It is possible to complete the course in eight weeks.  There is a month of catch-up time, if "life happens" after the last module is released.   The course will close about three months after the start date, and you will not have access to the content after that date.

 Meet the course author and instructor  

Hello! I'm Dr. Cynthia Crawford, and I'll be working through the course with you.  I look forward to being your guide, your champion, a coach and even giving a nudge now and again. I worked to write the material in this course in plain English and not like a textbook.   Some people say this online course is more like sitting around a kitchen table, drinking coffee together and having a meaningful conversation.   My teaching philosophy is to work to understand complex concepts so well I can explain them in plain English in a comfortable learning setting.  I read every word of every post, and we will be communicating during each lesson.

Please contact me via course posts and email:

My office number is 660-815-2124.

What about assignments, quizzes, and tests?

There aren't any that you will turn in.  There are no grades assigned by the instructor, either. 

The course is all about you reaching your goals for enrolling.  Fortunately 100% of people that have completed How to get an "A" in retirement report they reached their goals and more.  They also recommend this course to you.

 I would encourage you to do the recommended activities and self-assessments in every module that will help you reach your goals, however. This is about moving from learning to doing.  

How will I be kept informed?

There are weekly announcements sent by your instructor, multiple posts each module from your classmates and feedback each module from your instructor/mentor.

I've never taken an online course before.  I'm concerned I'll be able to do it.

If that's the case, you will be in good company.  Over half of people enrolling are experiencing their first online course, and they are successful.  If you can navigate the online registration process, your computer equipment works to navigate the internet, you routinely send and receive emails, then you have the skills to be successful.

Don't suffer in silence with technology issues.  Support is available throughout the course by emailing:

Use Tab key to loop through the section bellow. Press Enter or Space to enter content for each tab button. Press Esc key to exit and to go to the next section at any time.

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