Missouri Farm to School Resource Guide

Girl with school lunch trayFarm to School (FTS) is any activity connecting schools to local food and farms. The main goals of FTS are to serve fresh, high-quality, locally grown food in school cafeterias; to provide agriculture, health and nutrition education; and to support local and regional farmers. There are many names for FTS: “farm to fork,” “seed to table,” or “field to fork.” No matter the name, projects like these have one main goal: to serve fresh, high quality, locally produced foods in meals and snacks.

Farm to School projects are flexible, and can fit any budget or emphasize any food category. Getting a FTS project started often involves cooperation between food service directors and personnel; farmers and/or food distributors; parents, teachers and school leaders; students; and community members and organizations. This helpful guide will help those involved to identify goals and get started with a FTS program.

For more information, visit the Missouri Farm to School website.

Topics include:

  • What is FTS?
  • FTS in MO
  • Why FTS is Important
  • FTS Overview
  • Get Started: Food Service
  • Bidding & Procurement
  • Managing Costs
  • Get Started: Farmers
  • Food Safety & Liability