For more than a century, the University of Missouri’s Extension Division has connected the people of Missouri with their university. We have applied university-generated resources and research to improve the lives, communities and businesses of millions of Missourians.

Today, extension programs serve more than 1.6 million Missourians throughout the state as we pursue our commitment to All Things Missouri. Those services in fiscal year 2017 included:

Providing educational programs that helped nearly 2,900 nurses and health care professionals throughout Missouri keep their skills up to date

Training more than 11,300 firefighters and emergency responders across the state

Helping Missouri businesses create or retain over 8,100 jobs

We invite you to invest in Missouri’s future with us. Contribute to the Excellence in Extension Fund to support current special opportunities upholding extension objectives, or to the Missouri Cooperative Extension Service Endowment to support statewide initiatives for years to come. Or keep your donation close to home by supporting county gifts or endowments. County gifts generally finance local programmatic efforts in the short term, while contributions to the county endowment remain invested to sustain programs well into the future.