Outdoor Adventures curriculum

  1. Fresh Cow (DOC)

    Herd management - Dairy management protocols (Missouri) - Fresh cow

  2. 4-H Treasurer Record Book (Y672)(PDF)

    Note: If you would like a physical version, a limited supply is still available. Contact Joyce Taylor.

  3. Background check consent form (LG639) (PDF)

    Adults desiring to volunteer with Missouri 4-H must complete this form to consent to a background check.

  4. Project Meeting Attendance Form (Y644)(PDF)

    Completed by project leader and turned in to the club secretary.

  5. 4-H Secretary Record Book (Y671)(PDF)

    Note: If you would like a physical version, a limited supply is still available. Contact Joyce Taylor.


    Flood Fight Operations

    Hours: 20 | Prerequisites: None | Students: 15–30 | Host requirements: None This course will take participants through the complete process from well before the flood to clean-up afterwards. While this training emphasizes how to conduct a flood... Read more ...

  7. Frost-seed legumes now to improve cattle and pastures

    • Feb. 8, 2018

    STOCKTON, Mo. – Add legumes to grazing pastures to improve cow performance, soil health and forage production, says Patrick Davis, University of Missouri Extension livestock specialist in Cedar County. Now is the time to frost-seed legumes into... Read more ...

  8. Colostrum (DOC)

    Herd management - Dairy management protocols (Missouri) - Calves

  9. 24th Annual Midwest Regional Nursing Educators Conference

    • Event date: Nov. 11, 2020 - Nov. 13, 2020
    • Columbia, MO
    • CEUs available

    In its 24th year, the primary goal of this annual event is to strengthen linkages between practice-based and academic nursing educators. Jointly developed by practicing academic faculty and seasoned hospital-based educators, the content is both... Read more ...

  10. MU Extension Graphic Identity Guide (PDF)

    A consistent graphic identity system helps us communicate our quality and value more effectively and reinforce our brand and image. This PDF provides guidelines for MU Extension’s brand identity, including proper use of logos, colors, typography.


    Training Operations in Small Departments

    • CEUs available

    Hours: 12 | Prerequisites: None | Students: 15–30 | CEU: Yes | Host requirements: None | NFA: Yes This course is designed to provide students with some basic tools and skills to coordinate training in a small fire/EMS organization. A training... Read more ...