On-Target Internal Affairs and Professional Standards Seminar

  • Jan. 28, 2019 - Jan. 29, 2019
  • O'Fallon Justice Center
    1019 Bryan Road
    O'Fallon, MO 63366 directions to this event


Who should attend: This nationally acclaimed course is for law enforcement executives, supervisors, internal affairs investigators, human resource personnel and anyone who desires to understand law enforcement professional standards and internal affairs investigations. 

The professional standards model is a must for law enforcement and government officials to be prepared before a critical incident occurs. This course sets the stage for law enforcement professionals to create an agency wide practice of professional standards for all agency operations. In the covered material, attendees will understand “best practices” including how to avoid the problems before they occur and properly address issues that do arise. 

This is a comprehensive course covering the entire internal affairs process through final discipline. Participants will learn the skills necessary to review, investigate and complete internal affairs investigations based on sound investigative techniques and within legal guidelines. 
The presenter for this training is Chief Gregory Anderson (ret.) who is a nationally recognized speaker, presented and consultant on the topic.

Topics will include:
· Current climate between public and police
· Breaking the cycle of mediocrity
· The professional standards model
· 5 root causes of discipline problems
· Stakeholders and their perceptions
· Types of internal investigations
· The complaint process
· The investigation process
· Officer involved shootings and major incidents
· Applicable case law
· Employee rights
· Workplace searches
· False Complaints· Official hearing requirements

POST CEUs = 14

Legal Studies:  2 hours
Technical Studies:  2 hours
Interpersonal Perspectives:  2 hours
Skill Development:  8 hours       

Fees: $285.00

What others have said:

“This was very relevant and informative training. One of the best things was the fact that the instructor was teaching from personal knowledge and experience and not just theory and research. His style was relaxed, positive, and open to questions. I gained not only practical tips which I can immediately apply but I also gained a better insight to the level and type of IA investigations conducted in Police, Fire and other public works departments in surrounding municipalities. 
"Information provided is excellent and will benefit an investigator in IA."

"Helped reduce my fears of handling and IA investigation...delivered a great presentation filled with knowledge and experience."

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