Leading Change

A business woman leads her team through a planning meeting.


**Note: This event is not currently scheduled, but this educational training can be facilitated in your organization. Complete our online form(opens in new window) for more information.**

Adapting to new demands is an important mechanism for both personal and organizational survival. Organizations that do it well have a competitive advantage over those that struggle with workplace change. This workshop will explore the organizational change process and what leaders can do to help their teams and organizations adapt more easily to change.

What you will learn

  • Discuss adapting to organizational change to remain competitive
  • Identify leadership strategies that create a thriving culture for change
  • Examine innovation characteristics that either help or hinder the organization from adopting change
  • Identify the common characteristics of five adopter categories to understand the unique needs of those faced with adopting change
  • Explore how people react to change and what you can do to help with their transition
  • Discuss communication strategies to create awareness, acceptance, adoption and advocacy of change initiatives

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