Leadership Ash Grove - Class 2


Leadership Ash Grove - Class 2 provides an opportunity for residents of the City of Ash Grove and the Ash Grove School District to learn more about their community, discover local issues and solutions, build their network, and to put leadership skills in to practice locally. Our class theme for 2020 will be: Influence, initiative and New Ideas: Becoming an Idea Friendly Town. 

Monthly meetings will run March to November. Meetings start at 8:30 a.m. (City Hall might be the starting point) and wrapping up with lunch at the Sunshine Center (with special guests and community reports).

The class projects will be done on “Make a Difference Day” which is October 24, 2020. Other residents and community groups can join in the effort too and make this an impactful day in Ash Grove.

Making this a community success depends a lot on area employers who support the effort by allowing one employee to attend. Remember, training adds value to people/employees.

People working in Springfield need to ask their employees to support this effort. Businesses can support their employees development by giving them one half day a month to attend Leadership Ash Grove.

The MU Extension leadership programs provide that value and training in a local context.

Then also, there are people here in Ash Grove during the day, farmers and retirees even, that could easily attend during the day and could benefit from the experience.

Grow your network, discover strengths and threats in your community, and learn to lead yourself, in your neighborhood and in your community by enrolling in Leadership Ash Grove.

Since 1984, nearly 8,000 people in more than one-third of Missouri's counties have participated in local EXCEL leadership development programs. Communities investing in EXCEL programs see new and younger people running for public office, more involvement in community activities and organizations, heightened community appearance and better functioning boards and commissions.

Must register online and then complete paperwork first day of class related to class ethics, photo release and class expectations.

Cost: $25

Contact: David Burton, [email protected], 417-881-8909

City of Ash Grove
Sunshine Center

Sessions (8:30 am to 1:00 pm)

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