Introduction to Crisis/Hostage Negotiation for Dispatchers Seminar - Columbia


As we monitor the ongoing national response to the spread of COVID-19 and keep public health top of mind, we have decided to cancel this event.  We hope to reschedule at a later date.  
Introduction to Crisis Negotiation for Dispatchers is an 8 hour practical introductory course of instruction for emergency dispatchers, supervisors, or trainers of emergency dispatchers.

The course is designed to prepare emergency dispatchers to effectively handle telephonic complaints and requests for assistance from suicidal persons, barricaded subjects, hostage takers, hostages, and others presenting behaviors associated with suicide-by-cop.

The course focuses on how to effectively communicate with people experiencing emotional crises, or psychological crises, along with a section on how to communicate with hostages.

The skills gained in this course will aid dispatchers in transitioning calls to first responders, maintaining primary role of communicator, developing active listening skills, developing and maintaining rapport, influencing behavior, recognizing your own triggers, and managing stress.

Newly added to this course is an important discussion about managing the unique occupational stressors that dispatchers must deal with.
No walk-ins please

Note to participants: This training includes audio recordings of calls from persons in crisis, including those who are imminently contemplating suicide or who have attempted suicide. Listening to calls of this nature may trigger emotional responses.

Continuing Education Credit:

  • Interpersonal Perspectives (8 hours)


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