Instructor Development


This one-week, state-certified course will help you, the instructor, understand and improve your use of techniques and methods for effective teaching. You will also gain an awareness and appreciation of the instructor's overall role in the training process.

Topics include:

  • Principles of learning
  • Lesson plan construction
  • Methods of instruction
  • Test construction and validation
  • Source document construction
  • Legal aspects of training


We recommend bringing a laptop computer. We will use Microsoft PowerPoint and other programs during instruction, and you will need access to a computer to complete your lesson plans.

Begin to think about a topic for your sample lesson plan. For a head start, bring the source documents to class on the first day.

Seminar details

Each time this seminar is offered, details such as dates, times, location, registration fees, continuing education units (CEUs) offered and relevant instructor information will be provided by the Law Enforcement Training Institute.

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