Firearms Instructor Certification - Level I Seminar

  • April 22, 2019 - April 26, 2019
  • Green Valley Rifle and Pistol Club
    4350 Academy Road
    Hallsville, MO 65255 directions to this event


Learn the skills necessary to be a firearms instructor and coach for your department. You should already possess an excellent mastery of safe weapon handling skills and be physically capable of performing police combat shooting courses. This course is not designed to teach you how to shoot but is designed to teach you how to instruct others to shoot as law enforcement personnel.

Bring complete duty gear with the following:

  • Pistol
  • Department-approved shotgun
  • High-intensity flashlight
  • Adequate clothing for all conditions
  • Canteen or other water-hydration system
  • Wraparound eye protection
  • Hearing protection
  • Police whistle
  • Stopwatch
  • Pocket notebook and pen
  • Factory-quality ammunition. No personal reloads
    • 600 rounds handgun
    • 25 rifled slugs
    • 25 rounds 00 buck
    • 150 field, skeet or trap loads

For the night fire exercise that will take place Tuesday or Wednesday evening. LETI recommends you bring knee pads and, in case of equipment failure, a second weapon, extra magazines and an extra light. Extra pistols may not be available at the range.

Continuing Education Credit: 48.5 hours

  • Interpersonal Perspectives (2 hours)
  • Legal Studies (2 hours)
  • Skill Development (26.5 hours)
  • Technical Studies (18 hours)

Registration fee: $600.00
Limited enrollment: This program is limited to 24 participants, who will be registered on a first-come, first-served basis. Early registration is advised. For additional information, please contact our office.

This program is covered by the Training/Continuing Education Account Agreement and may be paid for from this fund if monies are available.

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