Drug Identification and Enforcement


This one-day crash course will tell you what you should know to be able to recognize the drugs that are being used in your jurisdiction and to protect yourself from labs and offenders. If you aren't working at keeping up on drug traffic on a regular basis, you have probably fallen behind in what could be critical information.

Drug use and drug dealing cross all socio-economic boundaries. Even though it may not be an apparent factor, drug use could be involved in any crime. Recognizing drugs, paraphernalia and drug-related behavior during a car stop can be the keys to in-depth investigations, informant development and officer safety. All officers need to be familiar with drugs and dealing - there is no such thing as a drug-free jurisdiction.

In this course, learn drug classifications, appearances and effects. Learn about the dangers of the common drugs of abuse, both in relation to the user and how users may react toward officers. Learn about meth labs, the nature of the operators and the serious dangers posed by the laboratories. Learn about indoor cannabis grows and their dangers and about raves, club drugs and date rape drugs, which are an increasing concern for the public and law enforcement personnel.

One section will cover steps uniformed officers can take to effectively work against drug dealers. Undercover operations are not the only way to combat the problem, and using marked cars and uniformed officers to suppress drug dealing may be more effective. Learn tactics that all patrol officers can use.

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