Data for Decision-Makers


Uses an evidence-based process to build community profiles that focus on facts rather than opinions.

What is your community’s story?

Decision-making in community and regional development programs is multifaceted, involving spatial, economic, social, environmental and political considerations. It is complicated and sometimes contentious. New models of evidence-based planning provide a path forward by focusing attention on facts instead of opinion. Evidence-based planning is the process of basing decisions on objective information in order to achieve the best possible outcome(s). It involves integrating research with design experience, sector expertise and knowledge of the needs of the target population. The Data for Decision-Makers program is the ‘evidence’ part of evidence-based planning. The key objectives are:

  1. Promote a culture of sharing and collaboration. Shared information provides a foundation for building an inclusive community of practice among leaders, citizens, institutions and the business community. When all of these constituencies have access to the same indicators and analysis the discussion of alternative futures is transparent and democratized.
  2. Enhance the capacity of leaders, business owners and citizens to use data in decision-making. The internet puts thousands of data points at our fingertips. Inexperienced users are often mired in superfluous data when they need meaningful metrics, information and knowledge. ExCEED does the difficult work of sifting through hundreds of data points to find important and actionable indicators. Participants in the program learn to tell their community story using data.
  3. Support the creation of a learning community. We operate in a world where knowledge is the most strategic resource and learning the most important process. Learning communities use data to explore opportunities and measure outcomes to promote innovation. A necessary first step on the path to becoming a learning community is to create a profile of starting conditions with extensive benchmarks and to share the results across the community. ExCEED facilitates the creation of learning communities by helping them understand the many forces that influence opportunities and how to use that knowledge to make better decisions.

The Data for Decision-Makers program includes a variety of data and applied research services. Our primary product is a stimulating and comprehensive presentation of a community profile with a focus on how to use the information in decision-making. The profile can be customized to address particular areas of interest like economic development, housing, workforce, infrastructure, entrepreneurship schools and other issues. We also provide applied research services covering nearly every conceivable need including custom data profiles, survey research, economic impact assessment, market research, housing needs assessments and specialized economic analysis. If you have need, we have a solution.

For more information, please contact ExCEED at 573-884-0669 or email [email protected].

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