Community Development Academy: Fall 2019

  • Sept. 16, 2019 - Sept. 20, 2019
  • The Mercy Center
    2039 North Geyer Road
    St. Louis, MO 63131 directions to this event


The Community Development Academy is a series of three intensive, experiential, five-day courses offered by the University of Missouri Extension Community Development Program. Combining leading edge thinking with practical applications, we enhance the capacity of people to work effectively with a broad range of community issues. The Community Development Academy (CDA) provides a conceptual base and develops the skills necessary to successfully bring people (often with diverse views and opinions) together around common issues. Course participants learn how to deal collectively with their issues of concern and give purposeful direction to their own futures. Offered this Fall 2019 are Course One, Building Communities from the Grassroots and Course Three, Creating Capacity for Dynamic Communities.

CDA Course One: "Building Community from the Grassroots" includes:

  • Community-based development principles and concepts
  • Complexity and polarization of communities
  • Group process, group dynamics, team building
  • Dealing with differences
  • Accurately assessing the community
  • Practicing community inclusion
  • The action planning process
  • Evaluation and monitoring
  • Developing community indicators and measuring impact
  • Developing local leadership
  • Registration NOW OPEN for Course One

CDA Course Two: "Empowering Communities for the Future" includes:

  • Keys to sustaining the future of communities
  • Grounding development in community
  • Understanding the local economy and economic development
  • Role of local government in the local economy
  • Participatory action research
  • Discrimination and community development programming
  • Working together: networks, partnerships, coalitions and collaborations
  • Building effective community organizations
  • Governance and civil society The environment and sustaining the future of communities
  • Registration for Course Two will be available Spring 2020

CDA Course Three: "Creating Capacity for Dynamic Communities" includes: 

  • Change, ethics and sustainability
  • Preparing communities for effective organizing
  • Small group processes
  • Whole systems processes for development and change
  • Community conflict intervention
  • Community development in perspective
  • Citizen power, influence, authority, and participation
  • Registration NOW OPEN for Course Three

Through this dynamic, results-oriented curriculum, learn how to:

  • Use the tools needed to sustain communities
  • Focus on capacities of communities/neighborhoods\Promote responsibility and involvement of the entire community
  • Develop a holistic community focus
  • Harness the community’s expertise to determine needs, vision and actions

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