Commercial Fruit Crop Production Webinar

  • May 28, 2020 - July 30, 2020


This webinar offers comprehensive classes aimed to commercial fruit growers. Classes are divided as being of general or specialized knowledge.

General knowledge classes include: Site selection and planting, Crop fertility, Orchard and berries weed management, Basics of Integrated Pest Management, Grafting, Marketing fruit crops, Processing fruit crops: value added products, and economics.

Specialized knowledge classes include: Strawberries, Brambles, Blueberries, Stone fruit, Apples & Pears, Nut trees, Table grapes, Wine grapes, Specialty tree crops, Specialty berries, and Elderberries.

Cost: $150 for the whole series; $25 for individual classes

Contact: Juan Cabrera-Garcia, [email protected] , 573-686-8064

Sessions and Topics (6:30 pm to 8:00 pm)
5/28/2020 - Site Selection and Planting for Fruit Production
6/1/2020 - Crop Fertility for Fruit Production
6/4/2020 - Weed Management in Fruit Production
6/8/2020 - Integrated Pest Management in Fruit Production
6/11/2020 - Grafting Fruit & Nut Trees
6/15/2020 - Marketing Fruit Crops
6/18/2020 - Processing Fruit Crops: Value Added Production
6/22/2020 - Blackberry & Raspsberry Production
6/25/2020 - Strawberry Production
6/29/2020 - Blueberry Production
7/2/2020 - Peach Production
7/6/2020 - Apple Production
7/9/2020 - Nut Tree Production
7/13/2020 - Table Grape Production
7/16/2020 - Wine Grape Production
7/20/2020 - Specialty Fruit Tree Production
7/23/2020 - Specialty Berry Production
7/27/2020 - Elderberry Production
7/30/2020 - Economics of Commercial Fruit Production


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